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Serviced apartments, also widely known as luxury self-catering apartments, offer greater employee comfort at a fraction of the cost. Hotels are often seen as the obvious choice when seeking accommodation, but they come with a number of hidden costs. Serviced apartments not only work out as a more cost-effective choice, they are spacious and comfortable, maximising productivity whilst providing all the comfort of home.

Then there is the benefit of having the Home From Home experience, where we understand that making your employees time away from home, as comfortable as possible. Frequent business travellers prefer to have a home way from home and prefer the privacy and flexibilty of a serviced apartment – where the furnishings are modern and comfortable – just like home.

Hotels do not provide the homely feel, because rooms are tiny and compact, with no space to live and relax.

1. Basic Rates
The bottom line is that corporates and other businesses will save 30% or more when you choose serviced apartments over hotels.

2. The Hidden Costs of Hotels
It’s not all about the accommodation costs; there are a number of hidden costs that may not be considered initially.

3. The cost of dining
Eating out alone can cost R120 – R200 per employee, per meal, and this doesn’t include the tip. Home From Home serviced apartments have fully fitted kitchens, saving up to 70% on employee meal costs.

4. The cost of being connected
Many hotels charge additionally for internet and WiFi, whereas Home From Home offer super fast fiber connectivity WiFi at no additional costs

5. Flexibility & Freedom
Not only do serviced apartments provide a separate space for resting, working, and eating, the overall space is bigger and brighter than a hotel room.

6. A Productive Environment
With no more mess of papers on the bed and laptops balancing on pillows, your employees will enjoy a healthier way to work whilst away from home.

7. A Place to Call Home
Serviced apartments have the personal touch that employees need whilst away from home and the office. The comforts of home provide a far more positive environment whilst away on business.

8. A Healthier Employee
Services apartments offer employees all the usual routines of their normal life – such as access to a gym and fitness centre on site, access to a pool, and many of our serviced apartments have balconies and verandas to enjoy the fresh air – unlike hotel rooms which are very boxy and where such facilities may come at a cost.

9. Flexible Dining Options
Fully equipped kitchen facilities open up your dining options, whether you wish to cool a 3-course meal or prepare a midnight snack. This doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying local cafes and restaurants; the choice is yours!



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